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Strobing LED Flashlights: Police And Military Uses

Law enforcement, government agencies and independent developers have all been searching for non-lethal and less forceful methods of subduing criminals and enemies. The use of tasers, rubber bullets and various gases and sprays have all been, and are all being, studied to find out how much damage, both short term and long term, they do. Some of the newest and most promising devices are being developed using an existing flashlight feature - strobing LED light.

While it may seem a little silly to think that a pulsing light can stop a criminal intent on breaking the law or committing violence, it is actually very effective. Just think about how disorienting it can be when a bright light is suddenly turned on in a dark room. Most people will squint or turn their head when light is suddenly introduced. In a lot of cases, that is all an officer needs to get the upper hand.

The light emitting diode, or LED, bulb is well suited for this type of application. We most often come into contact with these lights in our electronic devices. They are the kind of bulb used to let you know that the power is on. Over the last ten years they have started to play a bigger role in everyday lighting. They are prominent fixtures in the world of outdoor lighting equipment (think flashlights, lanterns and headlamps). There are many towns that are starting to replace their standard traffic lights with ones made with LEDs. These lights are also being used as home lighting replacement bulbs and around the landscaping. LED bulbs burn much brighter on less energy, are very durable, last for longer spans of time and can come in a variety of colors.

Strobing lights have the effect of disorienting the communication between our eyes and our brains. This forces someone looking at them to have to look away or flee from the pulsing of the light. Police officers have been using strobe flashlights for several years as a means to stop fleeing suspects by stunning and confusing them. This non-violent means of incapacitating a criminal is being looked at for wider use.

CBS News ran a story recently on what is being called the LED Incapacitator. This LED light takes this strobing concept to the next level without losing the inherent benefits of an LED bulb. It uses some specific light frequencies that affect the brain and then cycles through those frequencies too fast for the brain to adjust. The light also shifts through various colors to cause additional confusion. This new police tactical light is bright enough to be used in both brightly lit environments as well as the dark.

Not only are these tactical flashlights helpful for law enforcement officers and the military, they are also considered beneficial for personal defense. Strobing LED flashlights are available to the public for use in their own safety. With a push of the button, a general LED flashlight can turn into a strobing light in the event of an attack while in a parking garage or walking home at night. This pulsing light can provide a few extra seconds to get away or call out for help. Some who do not wish to carry pepper spray will find this an excellent alternative.

Strobing flashlights and torches are innovative and potentially life saving. As new devices are being created for our uniformed professionals, we may see more and more derivatives of those products available to the public.

~Ben Anton, 2008


Stun Guns VS Taser Guns: Which One Is Better?

Taser guns or stun guns, which one is better? This is a burning question that many consumers ask when they are looking for the right self defense weapon to use for protection.

In my opinion, this is a very good question, and its one that many people have their own pre-notions about. Obviously, both stun guns and taser guns are extremely effective self defense weapons. Yet, there is definitely a distinct difference between both weapons, and both have their up and down sides to ownership. So, in this article we are going to give you the real deal no-holds-barred truth about both Tasers and Stun Guns.

First, I think we should start with stun guns. You see, most people do not really know much about what they are or how they work, which leads to many myths surrounding its overall effectiveness and use.

What is a Stun Gun?

A stun gun is an electrical self-defense device that uses high voltage to stop an attacker. Touching a person with the prongs on the stun gun quickly immobilizes the attacker. However, because the amperage is very low, no serious or permanent injury is inflicted.

The Pros of Having A Stun Gun

When it comes to close range weapons, there are very few that can add up to the stun gun. The stun gun has the ability to put a person down quick and efficiently. More importantly, the current is one way which means that only the attacker can get shocked and not you. Even if the attacker touches you, and even if you are in a puddle of water, you never have to worry about the current coming back to stun you.

The Cons Of Having A Stun Guns

Stun guns do not have any far range capabilities. A person has to be with arms length in order to be able to use it. However, if someone were to grab you and try to take something from you or force you into a car its excellent.

What is a Taser Gun?
Taser guns are a gun-like electrical self defense device. Like a gun it contains a handle and trigger. Upon firing, compressed nitrogen projects two Taser probes 15 feet at a speed of 135 feet per second. An electrical signal transmits throughout the region where the probes make contact with the body or clothing.

The result of a taser gun shot is an instant loss of the attackers neuromuscular control and any ability to perform coordinated action. Plus an added power bursts from the device ensures that the nervous system of the target does not recover instantly to allow him to remove the probes. The follow-on bursts disrupt the process of re-equilibration of the nervous system. While the target is disabled, the user can place the device on the ground and escape.

The Pros Of Having A Taser Gun

When it comes to self defense weapons, there really is none better. In fact, they are one of the most used self defense devices by law enforcement.

Firstly, taser guns have both long and short range. With a taser gun, you can shoot an attacker form a distance. However, if the attacker comes in at close range, you can still use the taser gun as a stun gun.

Secondly, a taser gun has more wattage than a stun gun which gives it more stunning capability. In fact, according to law enforcement, taser guns have the most wattage possible that can shock the human body without causing permanent damage. Taser guns also hold a 95% efficiency rating, which is even better than firearms.

The Cons Of Having A Taser Gun

If there were any con to this weapon, it would probably be the price. Your average taser gun can run you in the area of anywhere form $400-$600. However, a taser gun will probably run cheaper than your average hand gun. Plus you can get one in most areas without a hand gun license.

So Which One Is Better?

When it comes to overall capability and overall effectiveness, the winner would have to be the taser gun. But dont put stun guns down for the count, for a fraction of the cost of a taser, stun guns are self defense weapons with a proven track record for putting bad guys down for the count. In our opinion, you cant go wrong with either one.


Tactical Led Flashlights Are Suited For Home & Outdoor Use

If you are looking for a new flashlight for your home, for your car, or for anywhere else that you might need quality light in a hurry, you should consider a tactical flashlight or torch. A tactical torch is one that is designed to be a professional flashlight and to serve the police, military, fire services, industrial workers and other professionals. These tactical lights are available to the general public and are some of the highest quality lights around.

When looking for a tactical torch, consider one that utilizes LED light bulbs. An LED light will provide you with reliability that you just can't find in a standard flashlight. LED bulbs will outlast any traditional bulb - they have a bulb life of up to ten times longer or more, depending on the brand. An LED bulb also puts out a much more powerful beam of light. The technology used to create tactical flashlights enhances the light source so that it provides the highest lumens available when you need them.

LED flashlights also use fewer batteries over time than a traditional flashlight. This is because they draw much less power from the battery source, improving the energy efficiency of the overall flashlight. This is what ultimately makes them superior to standard handheld lights. By being more energy-efficient and consuming fewer batteries over time, an LED flashlight is the superior economic investment as well.

A tactical LED light utilizes the best features of an LED and improves upon them for maximum efficiency, brightness and durability. Tactical lights are professional flashlight quality, meaning that they are the same lights used by the law enforcement, by military professionals, and by fire fighters in some of the roughest conditions possible. That means they are much more durable devices. They can take a beating and can endure extreme conditions and situations. These torches are also developed to be easy-to-use and versatile. Many quality tactical flashlights will have focusing capabilities, allowing an officer or fireman to have both a spot light and a focused beam light at their disposal in one piece of equipment. Some lights also have strobing features and easy to use beam transitioning. These are features that are not only helpful for professionals but can be very helpful in survival situations while hunting or camping.

For the typical home owner, it may seem that a tactical flashlight would be excessive. However, knowing that no emergency is too great for your flashlight is a reassurance many families can appreciate. Having a light that can handle any kind of emergency from a tornado to a stalled car, offers you and your loved ones a special kind of peace of mind.

Tactical torches are used by many people who serve, protect and help our communities every single day. They are used because they have been proven to be reliable and easy to use even under pressure. Tactical LED lights can be used longer than standard flashlights, offer a brighter beam than even other LED lights because of the reflective technology in use with tactical lights, and are durable enough to last through almost anything.

~Ben Anton, 2008


A Review of Mace Defense Spray

When it comes to self defense products, mace is practically a household name. Chances are you have heard of mace more than any other self defense product, which is why you are considering buying some. However, is Mace really that effective? Does it carry its weight or does it buckle under the pressure. Below is a review of Mace defense spray and and a comparison of how it holds up against the competition.

What is Mace Defense Spray?

Mace sprays are self defense products created through Mace International, who are known for their self defense and security products. Most of these sprays contain a unique combination of two ingredients. The first ingredient is OC pepper spray, which is an extremely effective inflammatory which cause the eyes to shut, the throat to swell causing uncontrollable choking, intense burning sensations to the face and skin, and the nose to run. The second ingredient is CS tear gas, which cause almost immediate tearing of the eyes and disorientation. The combined affects of both of these components makes for a very effective self defense weapon.

Mace Defense Spray Pros

What makes Mace an excellent option is the sheer variety of products they have. They have everything from key chains, weights, and sprays to foams and gels which engulf the face and become more painful as time goes on. Their sprays come in a wide variety of sizes for easy access and convenience. Mace also carries brands for animals such as bears and dogs, which are specifically formulated to work effectively against these animals. They even have state-specific sprays, such as Michigan approved sprays which meet the requirements of the state laws in these areas. Their sprays are also usually affordable compared to other sprays.

Mace Defense Spray Cons

Without question, all mace products are of good to excellent quality, and all of them work well. However, when it comes to some of their products, it can be said that there are other brands that are more effective. High concentrations of OC pepper spray are what make some of these products more appealing. Mace has only a concentration of 10%, which is more than enough to get the job done, and makes up for it with the CS tear gas component. However, it can be argued that these other brands with higher concentrations may have longer effects. The brands are usually used by law enforcement and security. With that in mind, don't think for a minute that mace can not get the job done.

Final Thoughts

Is mace defense spray the absolute best out there? Several things have to be taken into account to truly answer that question. When it comes to its sheer variety of products, convenience and overall price, it cannot be beat. While it is the best brand for certain products, better options can be found for other products. All of their products, including the ones that may not be the best in their class, have still been proven to work well against assailants. Mace spray accomplishes what it sets out to do, and that is render attackers helpless. It's hard to go wrong with such reasonable prices.


Sentry Fire Gun Safe

How much fire protection do you need for your Sentry fire gun safe? And what do all those ratings mean anyhow? All Sentry safes undergo UL fire testing. This means that safes are tested by the independent Underwriters Laboratory. One very important thing to realize is that you want a safe that is "UL Listed". This means that the product has actually passed a UL test. If a product is labeled "Tested to UL Standards" that means that the product has been submitted for testing, but does not mean that it passed the test. All Sentry Fire Safes are subjected to fire by UL for either 1/2, 1 or 2 hours. In order for a safe to earn a UL classification, documents stored inside must remain completely undamaged. Here are some of the different tests that a Sentry Fire Gun Safe may endure.

UL 1/2-Hour Fire Endurance Test - Subjected to temperatures of 1550° F for 1/2 hour, and interior remains below 350° F (necessary to preserve documents). UL 1/2-Hour Class 125 Test - Subjected to temperatures of 1550° F for 1/2 hour, and interior remains below 125° F and humidity below 80%. This is necessary to protect media files.

UL 1-Hour Fire Endurance Test - Subjected to temperatures of 1700° F for 1 hour, and interior remains below 350° F.

UL 2-Hour Fire Endurance Test - Subjected to temperatures of 1850° F for 2 hours, as well being subjected to a flash fire of 2000° F for 20 minutes without explosion or rupture. The interior remains below 350° F.

UL Explosion Hazard Test - All UL Classified Sentry safes pass an explosion hazard test, as well as being subjected to a flash fire of 2000° F for 20 minutes and do not explode or rupture.

UL Fire-Impact Test - Many Sentry fire Sentry gun safe models also pass a UL Classified Fire-Impact test. In this test, after the safe is heated to 1550° F, it is then dropped 30 feet onto rubble, cooled down, inverted, and then reheated to 1550° F for 1/2 hour. To pass this test, the safe must remain intact and locked with an interior temperature below 350° F.

A Sentry fire gun safe may also have an ETL rating. This means that the safe has undergone independent testing by the firm ETL Semko. ETL Semko verifies that the product complies with the manufacturer's specifications for fire endurance.

Depending on the model, SentrySafe products can carry the following ETL ratings:

ETL verified 15 ft. Drop Test

ETL verified 1-hour fire protection for CDs, DVDs, USB Drives and Memory Sticks up to 1550° F

ETL Verified 1-hour fire protection for CDs, DVDs, USB Drives and Memory Sticks up to 1700° F

ETL verified for 2-hour fire protection of CDs, DVDs, USB Drives and Memory Sticks up to 1850° F

ETL verified to manufacturer's fire protection specifications. Up t 1200° F for 30 minutes, interior temperature remain below 350°.

ETL verified to manufacturer's fire protection specifications. Up t 1400° F for 30 minutes, interior temperature remain below 350°.

So, as you decide which Sentry fire gun safe is best for you, now you will have a better understanding of what the ratings mean on the various Sentry safes available.


Puma Hunting Knife Review; Putting The Cutting Edge Under The Scope

When it comes to hunting knives, Puma is considered by most experts to be the elite, the cream of the crop, the absolute cutting edge in design, utility and pure class. Well-designed of the best quality materials, PUMA knives don't come cheap - but they're quality all the way. Each blade is hand-ground, and each knife is assembled by hand. The materials and workmanship have made PUMA knives more than the best quality knife to have in the field - they're collectors' items in their own right.

In 1953, the company changed its direction slightly to focus on manufacturing functional hunting, fishing, survival, sporting and outdoor knives. In 1956, PUMA designed what is probably its most famous knife ever, the PUMA White Hunter, for an East African hunting organization. For over 200 years, Solingen, Germany has been the source of the finest knives made anywhere in the world, and since 1920, the best of those knives have borne the name PUMA.


PUMA knives are made from premium DI.4 steel, each individually drop forged and hardened to hold the keenest possible edge. Each model has a number and a name engraved on the blade, along with the year of its manufacture - a bonus for collectors, who find it easy to date PUMA knives when assigning values. The handles are made of all natural materials, usually stag horn or bone, and every detail is made of the finest material available.

PUMA Knives for Hunting and Sporting

The most popular PUMAs are those that have stood the test of time. Among the most well-known and prized are:

PUMA Bowie Knife

Bowie is the ultimate name in hunting knives, with its wide fixed blade that makes it ideal for hunting, fishing, camping and self-defense. The PUMA Bowie is a full 11" long with a single-edged blade, a genuine stag handle, and a fully riveted tang. This is the knife that Jim Bowie dreamed of when he first commissioned the knife that bears his name.

PUMA Skinner Knife

Skinning knives are a must for hunters, and the PUMA is designed with a blade long enough to give you the option of using a straight, curved or pointed edge to simplify the tasks you need it to perform. It also has a 5 ½" stag handle that's carved to fit your hand comfortably, and a finger guard to keep your fingers out of harm's way when dealing with a wet, slippery knife.

PUMA White Hunter

Perhaps the most famous hunting knife ever designed, the White Hunter features a partially serrated blade that is shaped to make all the tasks you use a knife for easier. It's 11" long overall with a full, fully riveted tang, a built-in finger guard and a genuine stag horn handle. It was first released in 1956, and has grown more popular over the decades. The 50th Anniversary model is destined to be the ultimate gift for a collector of fine knives. It's a truly luxurious blade forged of Damascus stainless steel Rockwell tested to 55-60 hardness. The handle is of ebony with nickel silver bolsters, and the included black leather sheath is accented with nickel silver. To further increase its interest to collectors, PUMA is only manufacturing 50 of the 50th Anniversary edition worldwide. It's the gift of a lifetime for a serious knife collector.


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